Based in Bonita Springs, Florida, our team of doulas are prepared to serve the Southwest Florida area from Cape Coral to Marco Island.

We look forward to meeting current and future mamas here with us to guide and empower you on your journey of motherhood!

what is a doula group?

As a progressive approach to providing care and support to expecting and new mothers, a Doula Group is built by a body of experienced Doulas working together to support each other in caring for mothers throughout their communities.

Unlike an agency or business potentially managed by one lead individual, a Doula Group is organized by a group of Founding Doulas who take an active role in cooperatively working throughout the community and with each of the mothers they have the opportunity to support.

By utilizing all of their varied talents and backgrounds equally, they are able to give every mother the opportunity to be cared for however she may feel the most strengthened. Supporting Doulas also play an important role by continuing to enhance the Group by offering their unique skills and knowledge to better the community as a whole.

Through the sharing of schedules and responsibilities, every Doula is able to feel prepared to give the best possible care to her community, and as a group they are available to help a mother whenever the need arises. This cooperative approach also creates the ability to assist more mothers throughout the community in a responsible and united manner.

a doula’s aim is to support every mother that is in their care

the aim of a doula group is to fully support their doulas in reaching that goal

why the nurtured mother doula group?

Our vision is to provide personalized support and guidance to expectant and new mothers while engaging with a well-built network of support services and birth professionals to nurture our community of women together.

Our unique and varied specialties and backgrounds give each of our nurtured mothers the best opportunities to find what makes their journey of motherhood unique and personal. With over a decade of collective time within the birth community of Southwest Florida, we are able to pull from outside resources when needed to fully support our local community of mothers.

As a group, we strive to maintain a cohesive mindset and commitment to giving our mothers the best possible care in a cooperative and dependable fashion while also providing needed encouragement and support to each other.