Labor & Birth Doula

The Nurtured Mother Doulas are non-medical professionals who provide continuous support to you and your family during labor and birth.  Your Doula will support you through each contraction while applying gentle comfort measures, offer position suggestions to help promote relaxation, and be your birth plan advocate for you and your family.  Your Doula is a nurturing female presence and guide throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

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Postpartum Doula 

The Nurtured Mother Postpartum Doulas are available throughout your postpartum journey starting the moment you give birth.  Day and night services are available to help transition your family to life with a newborn.

Day Service: $25 per hour (minimum of 4hrs) hours between 8am-8pm
Night Service: $35 per hour (min. of 4hrs) hours between 8pm-8am

Yoga for Motherhood

The Nurtured Mother offers a variety of Yoga for Motherhood classes, series, and workshops throughout the year.  Private sessions are also available for prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, mom & baby, and kids yoga.  Sessions are available online, in your home, or at any private/ public location of your choice.

Events & Workshops

The Nurtured Mother workshops and events are held throughout the year and are a great way to prepare you and your family for birth and caring for a newborn. 

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Motherhood Community

The Nurtured Mother believes every mom deserves to feel supported throughout pregnancy and postpartum. We are honored to be able to give back to to the community and partner with local businesses so that every mom has access to local resources and the ability to connect with other new and expecting moms in the area.

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